Ex-Trump Chief Strategist Bannon: Cryptocurrencies Make Central Banks Redundant

U.S. President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, has said in a speech on Tuesday that blockchain-based cryptocurrencies can help bring about liberation for Western nations from under the control of all powerful central banks such as the Federal Reserve and the ECB and the ruling “permanent political class.”

“Central banks are in the business of debasing your currency,” he proclaimed. “Central governments are in the business of debasing your citizenship.” However, Bannon reassured that audience that with the use of cryptocurrencies “We take control of the central banks away. That will give us the power again.”

International Economic Nationalism

The former executive chairman of the alt right platform Breitbart News, which served a pivotal role in the election of President Trump according to many American political observers, was speaking to a crowd of 1,500 right wing Europeans in Zurich, Switzerland on Tuesday. He has been touring Europe with his message of economic nationalism, seeking to empower new local populist parties in the region to achieve victory over the establishment as he has done in the latest US elections.

According to Bannon, it isn’t only central banks that cryptocurrencies can help defeat but also powerful Silicon Valley corporations like Google and Facebook. By letting them control all our personal data and mine it for their profit we have given over our identities to these tech giants, making the average man into nothing more but a “serf”, he asserts.

However, he assured that with the help of cryptocurrencies victory is possible. “Control of data, citizenship and currency will be true freedom,” Bannon told the Swiss crowd.

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