Couldn’t Make it to Tokyo? Check Out the Satoshi’s Vision Live Stream

On March 23-25 the bitcoin cash-centric event Satoshi’s Vision Conference is taking place in Tokyo, Japan. However, not everyone could make it to the conference so is live streaming the event presentations.

Satoshi’s Vision Conference Streaming Live at

This week the Bitcoin Unlimited development team hosted the Satoshi’s Vision Conference (SVC) in Tokyo Japan. The conference is dedicated to the bitcoin cash ecosystem and bolstering on-chain scaling. wants everyone to get a chance to listen to all the great speakers this year in Tokyo so we decided to launch a full live stream of the entire event.

SVC presentations have been introduced by the event emcee, Taariq Lewis, who brought up a slew of well-known speakers and bitcoin evangelists. Some of the speakers at SVC this year include Amaury Sechet, Andrew Stone, Vinny Lingham, Dr. Craig Wright, Chris Pacia, Emin Gun Sirer, and many more.

If You Couldn’t Make it to Tokyo Watch the Event from Home

Many individuals have had the chance to attend the SVC event in Tokyo, making the conference a full house. However, due to travel limitations and the conference eventually selling out, lots of BCH proponents were not able to make it to Japan.

Because of this is live streaming the entire event from the 23-25, covering every presentation. The live stream is free to watch and the event can be viewed live, or at any time the viewer chooses. So if you want to learn about bitcoin cash adoption, colored coins, on-chain scaling, and many other subjects, check out’s live stream of the Satoshi’s Vision Conference on Youtube.

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